Finding your new home

Finding a home can be a very stressful time, to help you out we have provided some information below.

Once you find a property that you wish to apply for you are required to fill out an Application for tenancy. Everybody who is 18 and over who will be residing at the property is required to complete an Application Form. ALL parts of the application that are relevant to the applicant MUST be completed prior to being processed.

All applicants must provide our office with 100 points of ID

70 Points
 Birth Certificate
40 Points
 Driver’s License
 Proof of age card
 Other photo ID from government
25 Points
 2 most recent rent receipts
 Current vehicle registration
 Bank or credit card statement
 Proof of income – 3x Current payslips
Must Provide
 A rates notice – home owners
 Bank account statement

We will start processing your application after we’ve received it fully signed and completed. You will hear back from our office within 24 – 48 hours, to find out if your application was successful or not.

If your application is successful, a holding deposit within 24 hours is required which is made up of 2 weeks rent. We also require a bond payment before you receive keys to the property. A bond payment is made up of 4 weeks rent and will be refunded to you once you vacate the property.

Once you have signed your lease, you will receive and Entry Condition Report, on this report there will be a list of things in the property, it is your responsibility to go through the property and make notes of anything that our agency might have missed. You will need to make sure the Entry Condition Report is singed and returned to our office within 3 working days.

Utilities such as gas, electricity and telephone connections are the tenant’s responsibility. Before moving into your new home, make sure the electricity/gas is changed into your name, and a telephone connection is on if you wish to have one.

Once all settled into your new home our agency will conduct a Routine Inspection, these inspections will fall in the time frame of every 12- 16 Weeks. You will receive what is called an Entry Notice to inform you that we will be visiting your property and the date in which this will happen. You will also receive a maintenance request form attached to the Entry Notice; this form allows you to report any maintenance that needs to be attended to. If you have maintenance to report you need to fill the form out and leave it on your kitchen bench for our agency to collect during the inspection.