Avoid the stress of managing your own property

A good rental manager can help you to maximise the value of your investment property and help you to iron out potential problems that you may experience.

Securing a great rental income

Your Donna Sands property manager knows the local market well. They know what tenants are looking for in a rental property, and how your property compares. Their experience in rental property management allows them to find the perfect tenant for your property at the best possible price. They can also make life easier for you when it comes to collecting rent and claiming tax deductions.

Managing your tenants

Your rental property manager can help you manage your tenants by:

– Finding tenants who want to stay long-term
– Being available right away for your tenants if they need to report any problems
– Arranging for timely repairs and emergency help if something goes wrong
– Making sure that rent is collected on time
– Dealing with tenants who may make unreasonable requests
– Dealing with tenants who don’t pay their rent on time, or who leave without giving notice
– Quickly finding new tenants so that your property doesn’t stay empty after the old tenants have left.

Managing your property

It’s easy to stay on top of repairs and maintenance when you employ a rental property manager. Your manager has access to experienced tradesmen who can be called out to do routine or emergency repairs. Since they are retained by the agency, their services are usually well priced, and they will often prioritise the agency’s work. It’s stressful trying to manage repairs and maintenance yourself, so this service can take away a lot of the worry about owning a rental property.

Keeping you informed

Your property manager will conduct regular inspections of your rental property to make sure that the tenants are looking after it. They will send you a detailed report covering the condition of every room in your property, usually accompanied by a selection of photographs. If there is anything wrong, or if any repairs are needed, they will tell you in the report. You can decide whether you want to go ahead with any repairs or maintenance tasks.

You will also receive a regular statement detailing the rental income you have received, as well as an itemised list of any expenses, such as council rates, or one-off repairs. At the end of the year, you will also receive an annual statement that you can use for tax purposes. This makes it easier to claim any deductions you are entitled to.

Less stress

At the end of the day, a good property manager will save you from a lot of the stress that comes with owning an investment property. Whether it’s dealing with tradesmen, or managing difficult tenants, they are familiar with the latest legislation and have the know-how to help when problems arise.

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